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Thin Film Chip Resistors

These surface-mounted resistors make the most of their small temperature coefficient.


  • Superior stability, with strong moisture resistance and small changes over time.
  • Superior temperature coefficient (±1ppm/°C).
  • Superior high-frequency properties.
  • Superior current noise properties.
  • Strong resistors against surge.

Standard Specification

Model name Rated power Maximum operating voltage Maximum overload voltage Resistance value range(Ω) Temperature coefficient
Resistance value tolerance
RFC-1D 1/8W 150V 300V 5~560K ±1(L)
±1 %(F)
RFC-2D 1/10W 100V 200V 5~200K
RFC-3D 1/16W 75V 150V 5~100K
RFC-5D 1/4W 200V 400V 5~1M
RFC-6D 1/2W 350V 500V 5~2M
RFC-7D 1W 500V 600V 20~5M
RFC-8D 1W 350V 700V 2~5M

Note: Please consult us about combinations of resistance value and temperature coefficient.

Outer Dimensions and Structure

Model name W L C d t
RFC-1D 1.6±0.2 3.2±0.2 0.5±0.25 0.5±0.25 0.4 +0.15-0
RFC-2D 1.25±0.2 2.0±0.2 0.5±0.3 0.5±0.25 0.4 +0.15-0
RFC-3D 0.8±0.2 1.6±0.2 0.3±0.2 0.3±0.2 0.4 +0.15-0
RFC-5D 3.0±0.2 4.2±0.2 0.8±0.3 0.8±0.25 0.7 +0.15-0
RFC-6D 5.08±0.2 5.08±0.2 0.8±0.3 0.8±0.25 0.7 +0.15-0
RFC-7D 5.0±0.2 11.5±0.3 0.8±0.3 0.8±0.25 0.7 +0.15-0
RFC-8D 10.16±0.2 5.08±0.2 0.8±0.3 0.8±0.25 0.7 +0.15-0

How to Order

Specify the following points:

or -e (can be omitted)
Model nameResistance valueTemperature coefficient of resistanceResistance value toleranceRoHS compliance

Omit the Ω in KΩ and MΩ. Write 10KΩ as 10K.


Test parameter Test conditions Product standard value
Short-term overload 2.5 times the rated voltage, applied for 5 sec. ±(0.1%+0.05Ω)
Solder heat resistance Dipped in solder for 10±1 sec. at 260°C±5°C ±(0.05%+0.05Ω)
Temperature cycle -55°C to 125°C for 100 cycles ±(0.1%+0.05Ω)
Load lifespan 85°C, rated voltage, intermittent load for 1,000 hours ±(0.1%+0.05Ω)
Moisture resistance load lifespan 40°C, 95% of rated voltage, intermittent load for 1,000 hours ±(0.1%+0.05Ω)
Change over time Left under no-load at normal temperature and humidity ±50ppm/year
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